Numbers Tell A Story

Learn accounting fundamentals to confidently tell your story with financial data.

To make wise decisions you need sound financial data. To have success you want to know the financial health of your organization.

Quickbooks Winter 2021 Session

If you struggle with how to maneuver your way through Quickbooks or just intimidate by Quickbooks, this is the workshop for you. Use discount code IFGQB for a free ticket. 5 week course from Feb. 17th to March 17th. Each Wednesday at 12 pm to 1:30 pm.

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It's time to close gaps and prepare for the future.

Feel Alone?

Do you stare at financial reports asking yourself what do these numbers mean? Do you tune out during a board meeting when the finances are discussed? Are you not sure your accounting staff is trained properly to perform their job?

Not a good feeling.

You know why?

Financial understanding is needed to make good business decisions. It's time to invest in yourself and your organization to gain the skills needed to manage the finances.

This academy is for you if...

  • You struggle to understand the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow.

  • You do not understand common accounting terms.

  • You are behind in your accounting tasks but know with training you can do better.

  • You receive financial reports with errors.

  • You struggle with accounting tasks and get behind because you are frustrated.

  • You are unable to answer financial questions regarding your business or nonprofit.

I hear you!

You deserve assurance and a peace of mind. I've developed the competency and skills to understand what information to provide and how to provide it to business owners, nonprofit leaders, and supporting staff.



Jerald Harkness, Producer, Director, Writer, Owner of Studio Auteur

" Linda, has really taken the time to understand my business and has helped troubleshoot issues as well as assisted in developing growth strategies. I highly recommend Insight Financial Group to help your business as they have helped mine. "


Denita Johnson, RLW Trucking, LLC Business Manager

“Linda is very professional and always give clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner. I was very pleased with the training I received from Insight Financial Group. I would highly recommend their service.”


Teresa Marti, Business Adviser at Bankable

Linda has a unique gift that separates her from others in her field: she understands the holistic money needs of the business owner and can communicate it with the businesses.

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It's time to close gaps and prepare for the future.